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The best way to properly tow your automobile? Towing the car. Action to which just about every driver will have ultimately to deal with. By their very characteristics, it is very fulfilling. Additionally, it can be for people like us to finish even requirement, and despite appearances can be quite easy. Check here for yourself if you happen to commit some of the following errors. The most common problems when towing 1) Turn for the hazard lights towed automobile in Birmingham A towed vehicle cannot hold the lights of emergency, because a vehicle behind him won't have information on planned moves. 2) Exceeding the actual speed limit when towing on the highway expressway On the expressway might be towed vehicle, but there are rate limit of 60 kilometres / h. 3) The vehicle towing the afternoon with good visibility possesses turned daytime running equipment and lighting When towing the towing vehicle should always be switched on small beam. 4) The car is towed lights with low beam A towed vehicle needs to have included the parking lights (obligatory in the period of insufficient visibility) in lieu of low beam. Dipped beam (which are found on the front of the vehicle) are widely-used to illuminate the route, and this situation is actually unnecessary! They can dazzle the actual driver while towing car. 5) Towing on the highway On the highway might be towed to the nearest exit, but only a vehicle that is designed for that purpose (roadside assistance)! 6) Towing a motor vehicle with a trailer You can tow a vehicle that includes a trailer, not a trailer. The vehicle can end up being towed trailer and towing, could have neither the actual trailer or semi-trailer). 7) No alert triangle or placing it randomly The warning triangle should be placed at the back for the left side of the car being towed. 8) Towing back Okay, maybe this is not really particularly popular error, but in comparison must be found.Sometimes it happens that in the event of a breakdown or accident in Birmingham, xxx you need to tow the car to a mechanic. If we are far, the best solution would be to employ the nearest service to tow the car. If it is further, it is worth considering leaving one car at the nearest plant mechanical and head home for the period of repair. Towing the cheapest services are not, so you should rethink the matter if the distances are too great. In the Birmingham there are companies engaged in towing. If we trust only our mechanic, and we're in town worth considering the temporary conversion of the reasons mechanics distance. If the repair is small, the lower the risk that something goes wrong. There are various unforeseen situations, so you should have also purchased towing package and stored phone numbers because they do not always have access to the Internet in place.