KG Bikes, located in Rednal (Birmingham, UK), just 5mins from Longbridge train station offers bicycle repairs, restoration and maintenance to clients throughout the local area.The firm provides full range of repair and maintenance services, from basic visual exam to full bike reconstruction.KG Bikes aims for a ...

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The typical rule is: ride your bike around the sidewalk in Birmingham would possibly not (article 26 of the Law on Road Traffic Regulations). From this principle, there are however, three exceptions. Cyclist can ride around the sidewalk when: He is driving having a child under age ten or during bad weather (compacted snow, strong wind, heavy rain, black ice, fog) or They are met simultaneously three conditions: pavement has at minimum two meters wide, traffic is allowed traveling at speeds over 50 kilometers / h (in urban areas) missing separated bicycle paths and lanes designed for them. Biking on the right shows the exception variety three. When the road is usually a sign of lifting the particular permissible speed of in excess of 50km / h (in order to 70 km / they would), we assume that visible around the right side of the walkway has at the very least 2 meters wide and there is no separate path or lane for bicycles. In this case, we can go following prominent sidewalk, we are of course required careful and provide way to pedestrians.Repairing bicycles are becoming increasingly complex and contrary to appearances, are needed more and more complicated instruments. In the Birmingham (xxx), there are bicycle repair services. The most common are connected with servicing of skis and a snowboard. In some cases, such services also deal with repair of motorcycles with low capaBirmingham in Birmingham. A good bike today can cost as much as much as a car, so there is a great need for the existence of such installations.