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Just what affects the wear strips then when to replace them? What affects the wear strips then when to replace them? Fortunately, the consequences of failing, there are quite as dramatic as regarding failure of toothed belts. Nothing will happen if the time comes to modest belt slip - regarding the timing outcome might have been the destruction on the engine. The bigger problem can be neglected broken belt - especially if he drove the case in point. Coolant pump. In older designs dominated by narrow belts. Due to the fact that they'll carry only a modest load, with the increase in the number of devices it was necessary to use progressively more strips. Designers in Barry (South Wales) coped with this problem, replacing them with broad stripes. One such bar can easily simultaneously drive the alternator, steering pump, coolant pump and ac compressor. Unfortunately, there were some as well without the additional intricacy of design - to give them optimal conditions, it is usually necessary to apply appropriate pre-tensioners along with rollers. Proper installation is essential - With regards to belts fundamental importance is whether the assembly will be appropriately stretched. Too loose quickly tire, they can slide along with make noise. Stretched too tightly injury the driven accessories, such as. Water pump, alternator and air conditioning compressor. Ribbed Belts also call for careful installation - you'll be able to spoil much here, helping each other using their tensioning pulley inadequate methods. Under good conditions should serve for quite some time - Correctly fitted belt within Barry should withstand tens of thousands of. km, durability ribbed belts built with automatic tensioners normally meet or exceed 100 thousand. km. Their failures may come about much earlier, just so they may have if only for a minute contact with oil or even fuel, or were inadequately. Very often strips will still be damaged during assembly. The material from which it's made, is resistant to stretching out, but it can become damaged, eg. By bending or tugging him by force by using tools with sharp ends. Before installing a brand new belt, be sure to check the condition of all pulleys. In the case on the V-belt cooperating with the situation may be wiping the surface working (not simply the rubber is easily wiped - metal too!) And the inappropriate setting on the wheels relative to one another, with the result the belt is operated on. Accessory drive systems using ribbed belts must be paid attention to the fact that the wheels would not have faults (creases, burrs) that could possibly damage the belt. In most construction tensioners and dampers must be replaced with a belt. Why belts squeal? - Characteristic squealing belt testifies in order to his slip. The reasons may become several: a small voltage (as a result of incorrect adjustment), the active surface wear strip (because of too long operation or even the frequent sliding), oiling or contact while using the fuel, or too much resistance in the driven accessories. If during work ensures that the bar "throws up" around the pulleys, and after stopping your engine without much resistance buckles beneath pressure of a finger, it means that either it must be tightened, or in cars having automatic tensioning replace this particular item. It is not worthy of the wait, because apart from the point that loose belt noise, overheating while its surface - the longer we delay the regulation, the more likely that it should be replaced. In the case on the strip oiling there is absolutely no salvation for him - material changes are irreparable, will not help any kind of cleaning, you need to fit the brand new belt. If the bar is just shabby, you can slightly extend his life with a suitable preparation spray. With the extreme frost after switching all electric powered consumers light bar is actually normal - the alternator operating under load is hugely resistant. If, however, also heard in normal conditions, and the bar is actually efficient, it is necessary in order to immediately check all powered from the device.